Monday, March 6, 2017

MyVegas - "Puppy Love" Quest

This was a mini-game ("quest") I art-directed for work that went live recently. The object of the quest was that Minnie (the pekingese) was lonely and looking for puppy love. So the player would spin our slot games to collect puppies, and then after they'd collected them all, they got to spin a bonus wheel to find out which dog was Minnie's match!

I want to shout out my thanks to Tatyana Vogt for helping me out with color and painting the dogs/the dog park background, Marinelle for developing the quest, and to the rest of the team (QA, backend, math, producer, product manager, art lead, audio, and so on) for helping make this possible! You guys all rock my world! <3

Monday, August 15, 2016

Animation - "Race to Oz" Puppet Process for POP! Slots from Kaycie D. on Vimeo.

Animation - "Race to Oz" Tin Man (all scenes) for POP! Slots from Kaycie D. on Vimeo.

Animation - "Race to Oz" Winkie for POP! Slots from Kaycie D. on Vimeo.

Animation - "Race to Oz" Good Witch for POP! Slots from Kaycie D. on Vimeo.

This was my biggest project from last year. I helped out on another game for POP! Slots called "Race to Oz", which included a side-scrolling "race" bonus game. I got to delve into a new process of animation: First, we roughed out the character animations using traditional hand-drawn animation. Then, we built "puppets" in Photoshop and rigged them in Flash. Instead of cleaning up and coloring the hand-drawn animation, we matched the puppet to the rough. Overall, it is defined as puppet animation but it still has the feel of hand-drawn.

Above are some character animations that I took from rough to finish. It was a fun experience!

rough animator for the Tin Man, Winkie and Good Witch/puppet animator for all: Kaycie D. (myself)
Dorothy rough animation/puppet animator for Dorothy: Robin Mitchell
Scarecrow and Lion rough animation: Chang Dai
Character designs: Robin Mitchell and Chang Dai

Background design: Chang Dai, painted by Jean Liang

Animation - "Around the World in 80 Days" and "Jack and the Beanstalk" for POP! Slots

Animation - "Around the World in 80 Plays" for POP! Slots from Kaycie D. on Vimeo.

Animation - "Jack and the Beanstalk" for POP! Slots from Kaycie D. on Vimeo.

Whoo! I can finally upload the animation I did last year! This is for our new app, POP! Slots (now available on iOS and Android), where I was put in charge of the symbol animation for these two games.

rough animator/final puppet animator: Kaycie D. (me)
assistant puppet animator: Michelle McCammon

Sunday, May 1, 2016

DYA - A Superhero - Camoeleon and The One-Winged Angel

This month's DYA was "Superhero". I've explored this theme a lot before -- I've been a heavy metal rocker with Black-Canary-esque sonic powers, I've been a steampunk-medicine doctor-necromancer with zombie dogs, etc. etc. So I decided a fresh, updated take was needed. I REALLY like camouflage patterned things, so I incorporated it into my costume and I can now blend into my surroundings like a chameleon (and I can fly, of course). Assisting me in fighting evil is my 3-legged cat, the One-Winged Angel. ("Sephiroth!")

I imagine their adventures would consist of much sarcasm, playful banter, and confusion about how to pronounce the name "Camoeleon"*.

*there is actually no correct way to pronounce it

Saturday, April 9, 2016

DYA: A Gnome

March's DYA, a gnome. What started off as a cute-yet-slightly-creepy gnome buddy ended up going full on creepy and made me question a lot of things about myself as a person*.

*mostly, what is WRONG with me, and why do I like scythes so much? More at 11

Bonus! The original sketch.

Bonus! A WIP shot where I realized that those hands were disgusting and something had gone horribly wrong.

DYA: A Star Wars Character - Kayciesith

Another DYA challenge, Star Wars themed this time. I chose a Sith because I was feeling the influence of the dark side at the time...

oh it's animated too I guess, NEATO