Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baby, baby, it looks like it's gonna hail.

WHAAAAT? ART??? Yessir, that is correct! I swear, sometimes I'm trying to work on art I'm SUPPOSED to be doing but get totally sidetracked with silly things like this. But hey, I need to draw more cartoony stuff, so there ya go.

Inspired by the Brian Setzer Orchestra "Dirty Boogie" album (which I happened to be listening to at the time) and its TOTALLY AWESOME album art by Sir Richard Wentworth.

Sketchdumps are coming soon, too!

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Sir Richard Wentworth said...

Hi Kaycie -- this is very cool. It's neat to see your take on the dancing couple, and I love the animated quality of the figures! Well done, and thanks for the mention!