Friday, July 10, 2009




The Meth Minute 39 is a series of 39 short cartoons by animator Dan Meth, brought to you by Channel Frederator. The cartoons are predominantly done in Flash, but also features hand-drawn and stop-motion animation. The Meth Minute 39 features several reoccurring storylines and a variety of different characters, and the series excels in the areas of voice-acting, music, animation, story, and humor.

The first video of the Meth Minute I saw was Episode 11: "Watermelon Nights", shown to me by a friend. This video demonstrates the stop-motion end of the series' spectrum for some interesting (and somewhat disturbing) results:

But it is ultimately best to start from the beginning with the series biggest hit, "Internet People", an amalgam of famous viral videos and internet memes presented in catchy song format:

And a quick list of my personal favorites:

"Sex Machine", featuring James Brown
"Nite Fite", which was ultimately resulted into its own spinoff series
"Dog Video Dating", cuz. Hoooooly crap that's clever.
"The Music Nerds" and sequel "The Music Nerds Do Karaoke", where I discovered the awesomeness that is Led Zeppelin
"Syd Barret Visits His Accountant". PRISMS~
"Bob Meets The Beatles" Wonderful caricatures and voice acting here.
"Emomelon Days", the sequel to "Watermelon Nights"
"Viewer Calls", thank you for representin' Minnesota!

I highly recommend this series. It is, for the most part, awesome, some of the videos are kind of weird but overall it is quite worth your time.

Tune in next week! I'll probably post some one-shot videos before then, we'll see. Also I'll try to put together a sketch dump after I finish up with icon commissions.


Chelsey said...

Oh god... I remember the "Internet People" video! Good times...

Marisa Midori said...

That watermelon video is terrifying.

Liz said...

Oh my god, I think I actually know a good 75% of what was in the internet people video.. and.. that makes me sad.