Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sketchdump: Misc. Fanart

Part 4/4 of the fanart dumps! I might take a break after this, I still have to organize the "originals" dumps. Besides, you all just got a lotta sketches in the course of 3 days.

This is old; I can draw Justin much better now x3 A couple characters from my friend J.M.Lee's novel "Derelict Heaven" (which, if any of you IRL friends would like to read, you can borrow it from me).

More characters from J.M.Lee, this time of his "Final Waltz" trilogy. And uh, some wolves, I guess.

My initial reaction to the turrets the first time I played Portal at my friend Cameron's house. (For more Portal Turret fun, watch this video about "A Day in the Life of a Portal Turret" by Smooth Few Films.)

Here's some fan!Kingdom Hearts stuff (aka myself and Ruess as Nobodies/OrgXIII members):

Original concept for Ruess's Nobody, ending up going with Urxess for a name, and his realm is... solar eclipse or something, to represent... corruption of religion, I don't know. Anyway he's got a priest's collar and a big-ass bladed cross.

Urxess again.

Xayieck (my Nobody) annoying Urxess (Ruess's Nobody) and Xaldin and... well, everyone who happens to be in the nunnery vicinity. (I secretly aspire to be Julie Andrews.)

Onto the Harry Potter!

This is old, drew it after I finished Deathly Hallows the first time. I've been shipping these two since the fifth book. Poor babies. :c

Also post-DH, drew this at the 24-hour plays with Crayola markers. :P

Watching Goblet of Fire, drew emo!Harry and underwater!Harry. And a Duke-lookin'-face (a dog that comes to the dog daycare I work at).

More HP stuff done recently. That's it for now, I'll hopefully start the next sketchdump next week. Enjoy!


Molly Flood said...

*0* I love you for all the Harry Potter fanart. I love your take on Lily :D Everyone seems to draw her differently. Little Marauders made me laugh so hard, haha. :0 You draw animals so well, all I can draw is hello kitty.

JMLee said...

so you're making this so I have to stalk your blog eh. I don't know about that. I just... don't... know...

also... derelict heaven... deathly hallows... released same year... SEE WAHT I DID THERE?!

KcD said...

Yep, I am a sneaky one.

That and they're not that good so I never waved them in front of your face. ;)