Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sketchdump: Movies

The madness continues! Now with a Movie-related dump:

"Blades"! Watched "Blades of Glory" (amazing movie, I now love John Heder) and "Blade Runner" within two days of each other. "Blade Runner" is weird. Very very weird. And I thought the crazy chick was a tranny the first time she was onscreen. But she turned out to be quite badass.

"Brokeback Mountain"! Might color this, probably won't.
This is old. Me as a "Cat's Don't Dance" character C:

"Sweeney Todd". Also old, from last year I think. I think I will have to look into purchasing the Broadway version with Angela Lansbury, because that one is just full of lulz.
Quick gesture thing of Willy Wonka, I was going to enter a weekly contest but this was as far as I got. C:

I think I drew this during an Illustration critique (I only know this because I wrote "convoluted" on the top and I only ever hear that word during critique. I hate that word. It and "juxtaposition"). Um. It is retarded.

More! Did this during my brief Gallery Night security stint. Dr. Manhattan is stupid.

Twilight is stupid. Just like this drawing.

LOL done during an art night. Inspired from I don't even know what. I think because of Edward Cullen's stupid, stupid hair.

Coming up next: A Hunchback of Notre Dame post!

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Marisa Midori said...

All of these made me very happy (except for sad Nightowl, poor baby)