Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sketchdump: TV and Cartoons

So I have like this MASSIVE BACKLOG of art all arranged by category, I figure I'll only post a little of it right now and save the rest for... other days.

Let us commence!

Inspired by the most annoying commercial ever made.

Super Teen Extraordinaire! I do love that show.

O.C. fanart ewwwwww :P We can all have our guilty pleasures >_> Plus, Ben McKenzie is a) hot, and b) playing Copper in my Elements show. C: Also, I am sick of hearing about Andy Warhol.

Drawn back in January when we had the Firefly marathon! And Alexis made Alex and me draw soap. And some weird elf chick. And I can't draw Jayne's stupid face.

This one's pretty recent, done while watching Will & Grace. It was the one where Karen had an internet buddy and it turned out to be Scott Woolly aka Jeff Goldblum.

Old. Back when Avatar was premiering the Sozin Comet's episodes and I became a Zutara fan. Needless to say that ended quickly. Now I'm just a closet fan. C:

Pokemans. I love Ampharos. Ampharos and Lugia are my favorite Pokemon to draw.

Moar! Some Looogias. And one of Josh's Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles.

Until next time! (which will be soon, because I have a lot of art)

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Chelsey said...

YES! Hello fellow Avatar fan!
I kinda geek out whenever I find a fan my age. Hehe... it always felt weird getting so psyched up fora Nickelodeon show.

People stare..