Friday, August 7, 2009


Holy cow I am getting bad about updating DDDx NONETHELESS!



These guys are fairly well-known already, so I won't get into too much detail about them. Honestly, I haven't watched all of their videos (probably because most of them are political and I'm not intensely interested in politics) but the ones I have seen I've been very impressed by.

The first one I saw was back in '04 on... god, I think it was The Tonight Show or something.

Then I sort of forgot about them for a few years, until this spring when Sam Drake (one of my animation teachers) used them as an example while we were rigging characters in AfterEffects. He showed us the following video:

And I was just utterly blown away with the animation (especially McCain's and Obama's solos, wooooow). It's amazing to think that such an accessible program like AfterEffects can create something like this. (And amazing to see the improvement in the span of four years!!) I definitely intend to look through the rest of their stuff, and hopefully it'll inspire me to do some AfterEffects work myself!

Tune in next time!

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