Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sketchdump: Observations

I really dislike how Blogger uploads photos in the wrong order Dx Aw well. Here's some more observational stuff from this summer.

A woman on the bus.

Ladies at Barnes and Noble. I have no idea why that lady was wearing a full-length winter coat in the middle of summer. >_> She must be from a warm climate out of town.

Took Miss Hazel for a walk down at Minnehaha Park and it was Swedish Day, so there were tons of people around.

More from that day. I want to do sketches like this more often.

We went to Dairy Queen (well, I went in and I tied Hazel outside and she screamed and got pet by nice people) and this happened while I was waiting for my Blizzard. I dunno, there was something about that exchange that made me want to draw it later.

There's a dog that goes to the dog daycare who has the weirdest proportions! She's so freaking cute though. So that's her, up top there. And then there's a man-lady from the Steve Wilkos show.

Old stuff.

Also old, when we were preparing to do our quad walks for animation class.

Out for now.

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