Thursday, September 3, 2009

Short film idea


School is going splendidly thusfar. I am very VERY busy, but being busy is a good thing. But we'll post about school later.

What I am posting now is my idea for my short film that I am doing in my Animation 3 class. It's supposed to be no longer than 30 seconds, but I haven't timed it out yet and I'm pretty sure it's going to be a bit longer. But I'm intent on getting it finished, because I've yet to make a finished animation piece.

Anyway, here's my idea. It makes me laugh:

RUESS is sitting at the kitchen table reading a book, facing right. KAYCIE enters, holding a bag of chips. She sits down at the table facing left, away from RUESS. She pulls a chip out of the bag and crunches it loudly, making RUESS jump in alarm. KAYCIE proceeds to chew very loudly. RUESS looks annoyed. After a few seconds, RUESS coughs pointedly. KAYCIE turns towards him, and offers him the bag of chips. RUESS bats the bag away and goes back to reading, pouting.

KAYCIE chews, and scoots closer to him, lifting up the bottom of his book to see what he’s reading. RUESS snatches it away and bends closer to the book. KAYCIE looks over RUESS’s shoulder, chewing in his ear. RUESS continues to bend closer and to closes the book slightly so KAYCIE can’t read. KAYCIE bends very close, and RUESS gets in KAYCIE’S face and KAYCIE backs off. KAYCIE chews for a second longer and then swallows. There is a couple seconds’ silence. RUESS relaxes, thinking she is done eating. KAYCIE grabs a fresh chip and CRUNCHES! RUESS lets out a great “ARGH” of frustration, grabs the bag of chips, and throws it offscreen (a couple chips fly out of the bag and land on the floor).

KAYCIE pauses, RUESS goes back to reading, occasionally glancing at KAYCIE to see her reaction. There is none, so he sighs contentedly and relaxes. KAYCIE pulls a carrot out from under the table and bites into it loudly. RUESS makes an “oh my god are you SERIOUS” face. Screen blacks out.

It's a fairly simple setting, so as of now I'm giving myself 6 weeks of pre-production and 8 weeks of animating/post-production. I'm really excited to start it.


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