Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New and upcoming films!


So I've seen some awesome (and not so awesome) trailers in the past couple days that I thought I would share with you all.

First is "How To Train Your Dragon", which I am optimistic about. It's another Dreamworks film, so it will have a big name cast, plenty of pop-culture references, and will probably be another mediocre story, but I really like the character designs and the animation looks superb.

Then "Despicable Me" came out with a second trailer, and it looks alright:

Then there's "Prince of Persia".

Now, I love Jake Gyllenhaal like nobody's business. I think he's one of the sexiest men on the planet and for the most part he's a pretty good actor. I'm also pretty OK with Jerry Bruckheimer's "epic" films. But I could not watch this trailer all the way through. This movie looks horrible. Also they're doing the whole "let's cast white people as Persians" thing, although it's Disney so I'm not that surprised:

I bet these videos will be taken down very shortly, so watch them while you can!

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Marisa Midori said...

afsjeioroirjklflkslsfffffff Prince of Persia looks so terrible. It looks like Jumper. Plus, Jake Gyllenhaal sounds like Gaius from BSG when he talks with that accent. AND THAT IN ITSELF SHOULD BE A PUNISHABLE OFFENSE.