Friday, December 18, 2009

More Icons and Disney Fanart

I am a terrible child. I'm lined up with 2 (a 3rd pending) bigger commissions and yet I still took slots for small icons and did them first. Bad Kaycie!

But they came out alright:

The last guy (Spade) is my character, everyone else belongs to their respectful owners.

Also this piece of fanart which should probably never have existed but it was too awesome to ignore:

They're so eerily similar; they're both tall skinny darker men, they have the hats with the feathers, they both do magic/voodoo/gypsy stuff, they both have masks (not seen here), and they're both just plain freakin' awesome.

Shhh I'm not pathetic at all.

Ok, I'm off; I've got two Secret Santa gifts to do, along with the 2 (3) commissions. Hooray!

1 comment:

Mitchell Vizensky said...

I love the snow KC, and that second one looks really interesting. its like a purple Mothra type character.