Sunday, January 31, 2010

Digital Painting in Grayscale

Here's my most recent piece from Digital Painting. The assignment was to do a painting in grayscale, and we're going to add color to it next week.

And here's a comparison of my first pass and my final result. There are some things I like about the first pass, but it does look really incomplete compared to the final.

Stay tuned!


Chelsey said...

GAWD! This looks 70 times better then mine. >_>

Liz said...

Nice job Kaycie! :D

Weirdly enough I think the lighting looks a little more correct on your tight sketch, because it shows the way there'd be a little less light on the lower half of your face. Without that, the tighter one starts to flatten out a little bit.

/critique you didn't ask for :x

but seriously, I know you haven't done a lot of painting in photoshop and that looks great. :)

shells ♥ said...

looking fantastic, missy! :D I love how there's lots of detail but it doesn't look flat or static in any way. *thumbs up*