Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Chips" concept art

Some character concept art for Chips, my final animatic for last semester. Except the last one. That's me as a cowboy. I was a cowboy for Halloween.



Molly Flood said...


Stoic Silhouette said...

Kaycie, I'm impressed as always.
Just one clothing thing, regarding the chaps on the last pic:

The should be on the inside too if they are meant to be at all useful for something, cuz in horseback riding the inside of one's pant legs tends to get worn away rubbing against the horse's side. Thus they wear chaps to prevent that. But those chaps (The goggles) The do nothing!
Course, if it's just to be stylish, utility is not required :P

Stoic Silhouette said...

Oh, btw, that's me, Cam.

Liz said...

Kaycie your sketches always look so effortless and energetic. <3

KcD said...

rofl, Cam, you're absolutely right. I think my Final Fantasy-it-doesn't-make-any-freaking-sense design aesthetics were shining through when I drew that. But yeah, you're right. xD