Monday, April 26, 2010

Elements Concept Art

The first and second stages of our final assignment for Digital Painting. We had to pick three different time periods/eras/themes and create an environment and character based on the themes. My themes were California, futurism, and (ancient) Greek. I kind of cheated and used one of my pre-existing characters (Neo, aka Neon from Elements) and location, but it was good to develop them more fully. I know I'll get marked down for it, though; I'm pretty sure the professor isn't very fond of my work...

Anyway, we're supposed to take the color concepts and put them together in a final image. It'll be interesting to say the least.

Any preferences on time of day or any of Neo's outfits?


Chelsey Lynn Holeman said...

I like the top right and bottom left. Although for some reason the top right one looks a bit too Final Fantasy to me. Maybe it's the vest?
Otherwise, I love the shirt in the bottom left.

And what? I didn't get the vibe that he doesn't like you...that's crazy talk!

jac davic said...

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