Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Finally got off my lazy butt enough to scan some stuff this morning. Have some more moleskine sketches!

Thumbnails of Shale breaking a bottle in a bar, ready to fight! The other page is people from the Maury Show and people/fish in a clinic waiting room.

Notes regarding a story of mine. Ignore it. The other stuff is random doodling from work.

More story ideas. The doodles are drunk drawings from a bar.

More drunk drawings on the top left, and the rest are from a day at senior writing seminar.

Terrifying people, shepherds, and drawings from the Milwaukee Bucks media day.

Completely random stuff, some of it from New York.

More to come later!



Molly Flood said...

Nice! I'm so proud that you did some scanning! *wipes tears away* SO PROUD! Keep it up Kaycie! :D

Antonia Follano said...

ahaha,your drunk drawings are actually technically good. that is amazing

I just bullshit everything because while i am drunk I am way too adhd