Sunday, July 18, 2010

Moleskine pages pt. 3

Some more sketches from the moleskine! I'm trying to get comfortable drawing in ballpoint pen, where it's not possible for me to take back any mistakes. I think maybe it'll help me improve? Or maybe it's because I'm tired of sharpening my pencils and get the shavings everywhere :P

Anyway, have some sketches. The hipsters/Frank/Travis with deer horns were all done during the last week of school, there's a lot of people from the Maury Show (+commercials), my dogs, and some imaginary dogs. :) Also some brainstorms from when I was listening to "Cabaret".

Wow, three updates... I think that's enough for today, eh?

Serious Cats

An entry to a weekend contest my friend Joey is having. The theme was "A Serious Cat", and so I drew his tiger character Cerios (haha) and Cerios's panther brother Sallas.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sketch Commission - Conrad and Kendra

Sketch commission for The-Black-Wolf, who is going to be a freshman at MIAD this upcoming year! :) These two were SO much fun to draw. I think if I could just do sketch commissions for a living, that'd be pretty sweet.