Saturday, November 27, 2010

Off-topic: The Christmas Season is Here!

Hi everybody!

No art today, but here's an amusing picture of my puppy wearing some reindeer antlers and looking appropriately upset about it.

I really enjoy the post-Thanksgiving pre-Christmas time, it's one of my favorite times of the year (apart from summer vacation that is, har har). This also begins the three-week stretch to the end of my first semester of senior year (INSERT SCREAM OF TERROR HERE). In the next three weeks, I have this left to complete:

1. One twelve-page comic book for the Milwaukee Bucks
2. Approximately twelve more character designs for the "12th Night in the 20's" project
3. Two finished illustrations for fantasy art class (one due Wednesday)
4. One final project for Senior Writing Seminar (which I can actually churn out fairly quickly, I'm sure)
5. A finished plan of what my senior thesis space will look like


So yes. Follow along as I go slowly insane and lose hours of sleep in getting all this stuff done. But all throughout I will be listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies and eating Christmas baked goods and it will seep into my brain and be totally AWESOME. HRAAAA.

Alright, well, hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, and I will be back at MIAD and commence working my butt off in approximately 24 hours. Yeehaw!


P.S. If you haven't seen "Tangled" yet or have doubts about seeing it... you should see it. It's actually much better than its marketing makes it out to be. Just sayin'.

P.P.S. Snap, I've reached 10,000 views on this thing! Niiiiice! Thanks for looking, everyone!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Watercolor Winter Puppies

Had a strange desire to bust out my old watercolors today... so I painted some Kaycie and Alex puppies and listened to Christmas music!

Alright, time for actual work now~


Saturday, November 20, 2010

12th Night - Olivia

Right now I'm doing a project where I design all the characters from Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night", as set in the 1920's. Olivia here was kind of an experiment in a style that relies more on shape than line. I rather like how she came out, although I'm not sure it's exactly where I wanted it to go -- I think it works as an illustration, but my initial idea for this project was to make characters that could be fit for animation. So I dunno. I'll talk to my instructor and see what he thinks.

This was one of those rare times where I kept stopping and thinking, "I should really stop having fun and do homework... oh wait, this IS homework!!" Why can't everything be like that? Haha!

Until next time!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Creature Design

Another Fantasy Art project - the prompt this time was to design a creature based on randomly selected traits. My traits were - 2-point attachment, camouflage, teamwork, tentacles, and the ability to grow back limbs. And here is my creature!

The next assignment is to draw our creature fighting (and winning) against another classmate's creature! It's going to be epic.

Stay tuned!


"Jetsam" Card Game Design

To take a little break from commissions and sketchdumps (which are pretty much all I post anymore), here's an assignment from my Fantasy Art class!

We were given an overview of a fictional world and a short synopsis on the specific cards we were to design. I loved designing Ana Thematic. Here are some of the concepts I came up with prior to the final artwork:

Hope you enjoy!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November Commissions part 1

More icons for you today!