Saturday, January 8, 2011

12th Night - Malvolio

Why yes, I am still continuing this project! Malvolio I actually had to re-draw, because the first version of him came out just awful. With this version I maintained the same basic pose with a few upgrades, as well as more care and attention to the overall figure.

Up next - my favorite lady, Maria! Stay tuned!



Molly Flood said...

I don't really get the sock but I think he looks great overall :) He doesn't look like Commish Gordon anymore (aww) haha

Kaycie D. said...

Yeah, the stocking part is in the context of the play. I's sneaky like that. Thanks!

Braydon said...

The "sock" is in regards to the crossed garters that Malvolio is told to wear as a prank from Maria to make him look like a fool after he chastises them for drinking and being loud.