Monday, June 25, 2012

My Time at Illustration Bootcamp!

Day 1 - We jam-packed the tables with our awesome creative selves!

Woohoo! Here's a brief recap of my time at Illustration Bootcamp! First off, let me just say that it was a TON OF FUN. I got to meet so many awesome people, learn a ton of incredibly useful things, listen to professionals explain their craft and how they got to where they are now, get some feedback from Meg Hunt herself, and experience some cool places and restaurants in Minneapolis I had never been to before. I also got to spend some time with a few of my old classmates who drove/flew into town for the workshop, which was really awesome.

Our first day was spent getting to know each other, getting to know Meg Hunt, getting familiar with the AWESOME Light Grey Art Lab space and staff, and going through some preliminary exercises identifying what we were doing as illustrators and what we WANTED to be doing in the future.
At Demdaco, checking out all the Christmas stuff. Apparently Santas are hard to come by these days!

We also got a visit from Adam Hoppus who gave us a lecture about what he does at Target (basically he gets to design anything from apparel to bedding and toys and all sorts of cool stuff), and then we took a trip to Demdaco (a seasonal gift company that licenses artists) and got to see some of the work from artists they have licensed. I hadn't even know about companies like that before!

Art supplies! What a beautiful sight...

 Later in the day, we were given the assignment to create a piece based on the theme of "summer". Meg brought in some of her materials for us to play around with. I experimented with some really awesome paper, inkwash, and brush pens (which I need to pick up because they're really fun to work with)! After Day 1 was over, we wound down at a gelato shop and then proceeded to Moto-i, a Japanese restaurant in Uptown for an Illustrator's Meet-and-Greet.

Our beautiful book. Haha, can you spot my piece...?

Day Two was spent with more guest speakers, discussions about getting yourself out there, and individual sessions with Meg. I had her look at my work and our meeting made me want to start experimenting with animation again! The rest of the day was spent working on our pieces. The Light Grey staff took all of our pieces and made little accordion-book keepsakes for all of us!

After Day Two was over, we had a farewell dinner at a sweet restaurant called Chino Latino (the food was delicious)! It was sad saying goodbye to all our new (and old) friends, but we all exchanged our information and are still keeping in touch!

Keith photobombs! Everyone looks so awesome! And then there's me, trollin' the camera...

Overall it was a terrific experience that I hope I get to do again in the future. The workshop taught me a lot of valuable life lessons - being an artist may be hard sometimes, but I wouldn't want to do anything else with my life! Thanks so much to the Light Grey Art Lab staff for organizing a terrific weekend (and for supplying us with delicious breakfast items) and to Meg Hunt for her words of inspiration.

For more photos, make sure to visit the Light Grey Art Lab Flickr stream!

The photos in this entry are courtesy of the Light Grey Art Lab

Well, as always... back to work it is!


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emily b said...

Great post! I'm happy to hear you got so much out of your weekend. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you much. There were just too many things to do! Maybe next time?