Monday, August 6, 2012

Magical Midwest Tour 2012

Hey everyone! Sorry about my absence -- I treated myself to a little vacation this past weekend! I call it my "Magical Midwest Tour 2012". I went to northern Illinois to visit my aunt and uncle (and their flock of corgis) and my roommate Alex, and then went up to Milwaukee to hang out with friends and reminisce about old times.

I admit I'm not super-excellent when it comes to taking photos (because I forget my camera half the time), but here are a few I did take.

Puppies! There were NINE of them! Adorable little balls of fluff and teeth! 
The beach I spent time at on Friday. 

One of the things I miss most about Milwaukee is Lake Michigan. Sure it's terribly polluted and full of invasive species, but it was the closest thing to an ocean I've ever had. I spent a couple hours at the lake's edge on Friday, watching seagulls and terns and people with their kids and dogs.

Seagull man! 

This guy was super-intense about feeding seagulls. They were eating out of his hand at one point!

I made some seagull friends of my own!

I sat on a bench with my book and box of goldfish crackers and I wound up with a bunch of seagulls around me, too! There was a really mean adult who was trying to chase all the youngsters away. What a jerk!

As for the rest of the weekend, I also got to see my Elements at Discovery World (finally), and that was super-cool! I also got to have lunch with a couple of my friends and one of our professors from school, which was incredible. Overall, an extremely fun (and NEEDED) break. Good friends/family, good food (I think I ate myself sick), good memories.

Well, it's back to playing catch-up for me! Another busy week ahead... time goes by too quickly! Hope to get some art up this week, so keep your eyes out!


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