Monday, December 3, 2012

Illustration - Apocalypse Swap for Ten Paces

Top: Final by me, sketch by Karina Rehrbehn
Bottom: Final by Hannah Christenson, sketch by me

Happy Monday, gals and gents! 

This week I participated in my 3rd swap over at Ten Paces and Draw, and this week's theme was "Apocalypse". I was given a good ol' zombie monster mash sketch by Karina Rehrbehn to work with, and I decided to change up the perspective a little bit - what if the zombies were the ones being hunted...?

Then for my sketch, I went with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (my favorite set of religious icons), and needless to say the final result by Hannah Christenson BLEW MY MIND. Wow. Utterly fantastic. I want to buy a print of that it is so fabulous. Gives me shivers.

You can see the rest of the fabulous swaps here!

Well, I have a fair amount of content set up for the next month or so to come, so tune in on Mondays to see what I've been working on! Thanks for viewing, as always, and have a fantastic week!


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