Sunday, March 31, 2013

What's this? Color?!

Hullo folks!

Haven't had a lot of time these past few weeks for personal work (busy doing some secret animation thing, oooooh~) but here are a couple of things I pulled together yesterday. Some Okami fanart (recently got back into playing that game, soooo beautiful) with some bunnies for Easter, and then my dearest friend Alex wanted a Disney-esque version of her horse Matrix (for reasons I don't quite understand but know better than to question.)

Please don't sue me, Disney, I am in no way affiliated with your awesome powers D:

Until next time! Stay cool, you cool people!


1 comment:

Alex Platt said...

My name is Underhill. My reasons are my own...

But for real, I just though it would be cool, and it is!
Thank you!