Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Elements Flashcards

Hey guys!

Just wanted to announce that I am now selling my Elements flashcards on Etsy! Please go check it out and tell your friends/teachers/etc.!

Thanks for your continued support, you guys made this possible!



ytk said...

Do you believe making card games with some properties on back of the flash cards u made will help kids learn properties of it.
Your illustration is simply amazing.

Diane Lastima said...

Hi Kaycie Im a teen and saved money to buy the amazing flashcards of the elements but sadly i dont have paypal or a credit card to buy and i really think it can help in my studies.pls how can I buy them because any recommendations

yi chang said...

Amazing!I really like your elements!!!

yi chang said...
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yi chang said...

Especially Europium­čśŐ