Monday, August 25, 2014

Pandarama - FX Animation

Another game I got to contribute quite a bit to - Pandarama! I was tasked to do the effects animation (aka all the cool laser beams you can see below), and needless to say that was pretty much the greatest thing ever. I learned a lot! Thanks to the brilliant Michel Gagné for being my #1 inspiration.

Pandarama - Gator Raid (FX Animation) from Kaycie D. on Vimeo.

Pandarama - Mad Crab (FX Animation) from Kaycie D. on Vimeo.

 [Art Director: Chang Dai]
[Senior Art Director: Robin Mitchell]
[Color and BGs: Michelle Yoon
[Additional Sparkles: Kalen Patty]
[© 2014 PlayStudiosTM 2014]

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