Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sketch - Coral

My girl Coral.

DYA: Halloween Costume - Doof Warrior

My friend Michelle has a monthly drawing challenge called "Draw Yourself As..." and this was October's submission -- Draw Yourself in a Halloween Costume!

Of course with my Mad Max obsession and predisposition to anything resembling a guitar, I chose the Doof Warrior.

Elements - Protagonists

My protagonists from my Elements story, more or less exactly how they appear in my head for once! (Neo/Neon, Shale, Coral)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

DYA: A Monster

My friend Michelle has a monthly drawing challenge called "Draw Yourself As..." and this was September's submission -- Draw Yourself As a Monster!

So I took my 3 favorite animals - a wolf, a crane, and a whale -- and combined them into this chimaera-esque critter.

Corgis and Fairies Teespring Shirt

A two-sided shirt I was commissioned to do for a Teespring campaign.

Font is "Architect's Daughter" by Kimberly Geswein (whom I highly recommend, all her fonts are amazing and it's a very reasonable price to license one font).


Quick prismacolor and ink doodle as a result of my power being out for 12+ hours :D

Manifest Destiny - A Nux+Capable Zine

All my silly Mad Max doodles and one-off comics have somehow manifested themselves (hahah get it?) into a zine that is now available for purchase at my Etsy store!

Featuring our favorite tragic war boy and red-headed Wife-now-Sister, you'd love to add this silly-yet-sappy little book to your Fury Road collection*!

20 pages, B/W, saddle-stitched.

Oh, and Slit's there too.

*what do you mean you don't have a Fury Road collection? Am I alone here? ._.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fanart - Mad Max: Fury Road - Nux and Capable 2

Possibly one of my favorite parts of the movie... 

Same headcanon where, presuming everyone got home safe to the Citadel (cough), Capable is now free! And decides she's enthralled with the magic of car mechanics (cuz seriously who wouldn't be, with vehicles like that?!) and has Nux teach her the ropes. (And possibly borrows his spare work trousers.)


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fanart - Mad Max: Fury Road - Nux+Capable

Saw Mad Max: Fury Road in theatres twice now and I'm slightly obsessed with it (with two characters in particular >_>) so I'm working through my feelings.


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Observational Drawing - 5/14/15

This month's sketches from the train (the last one is from a cafe in Milwaukee).


Some sketches from the past several weeks, most of them done on my brand spankin' new Cintiq Companion! (Love that thing...)

Fanart - Bob's Burgers

I'm not traditionally one for "adult-humor" animated shows, but this show is pretty darn awesome.

Art Trade - Mega Kangaskhan

Did a Pokemon-themed art trade with my good friend Liz, who drew me an awesome Gyarados!

Illustration - Phoenix the Puppy

Drew a little tribute to the adorable puppy Phoenix, who had a sad start in life but is quickly on the mend! 

You can see photos of Phoenix's progress here (TRIGGER WARNING - some of the photos are graphic in nature): ACT V Rescue and Rehabilitation Facebook page

Until next time!