Thursday, May 14, 2015

Observational Drawing - 5/14/15

This month's sketches from the train (the last one is from a cafe in Milwaukee).


Some sketches from the past several weeks, most of them done on my brand spankin' new Cintiq Companion! (Love that thing...)

Fanart - Bob's Burgers

I'm not traditionally one for "adult-humor" animated shows, but this show is pretty darn awesome.

Art Trade - Mega Kangaskhan

Did a Pokemon-themed art trade with my good friend Liz, who drew me an awesome Gyarados!

Illustration - Phoenix the Puppy

Drew a little tribute to the adorable puppy Phoenix, who had a sad start in life but is quickly on the mend! 

You can see photos of Phoenix's progress here (TRIGGER WARNING - some of the photos are graphic in nature): ACT V Rescue and Rehabilitation Facebook page

Until next time!