Sunday, May 1, 2016

DYA - A Superhero - Camoeleon and The One-Winged Angel

This month's DYA was "Superhero". I've explored this theme a lot before -- I've been a heavy metal rocker with Black-Canary-esque sonic powers, I've been a steampunk-medicine doctor-necromancer with zombie dogs, etc. etc. So I decided a fresh, updated take was needed. I REALLY like camouflage patterned things, so I incorporated it into my costume and I can now blend into my surroundings like a chameleon (and I can fly, of course). Assisting me in fighting evil is my 3-legged cat, the One-Winged Angel. ("Sephiroth!")

I imagine their adventures would consist of much sarcasm, playful banter, and confusion about how to pronounce the name "Camoeleon"*.

*there is actually no correct way to pronounce it


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Jessica Ellis said...

I love "Superhero" very much from my childhood. My little sister also is fond of this game and I hope that my children will be also interested in the common things. Today I can't find something alike with it. I looked through CIRT list and was a little disappointed with the scarce variety.